Who is it that can tell me who I am

What's in a name

  Georgios is the transliteration of  the ancient Greek name Γεώργιος. The form  Γιώργος (Giorgos) is used in more informal settings. Information about the name is provided here and here

Theodoropoulos is the transliteration of the Greek surname Θεοδωρόπουλος.   This is derived from the elements Θεο and  δωρo.




  enjoy sailing, I received my RYA Skipper Certification at Marina at Keppel Bay, Singapore..

Sustainable Smart Agriculture

  I maintain a hobby Olive Grove in the Mediterranean, I use it as a living lab to experiment with smart agriculture ideas and promote organic, sustainable farming practices.

Military "career"

  My past life includes two years serving the Hellenic Air Force as a Sergeant (NATO OR-5). I split my time between managing new recruits at  the 124 Basic Training Wing and managing computer systems at the Information Technology Center of the Hellenic Air Force General Staff.