Innovative Computing Group @ Durham University

The Innovating Computing Group (ICG) had been one of the two research groups of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences at the University of Durham until 2021, when, with the division of the School into two independent departments,  a new group structure was introduced for Computer Science.

ICG comprised 20 staff members and 45 PhD students with wide-spanning research interests and overlapping strengths in artificial intelligence, machine learning (deep and shallow), data analytics, and novel applied research.  ICG established strong industry connections (e.g., Microsoft, NVidia, Boots, P&G, Dyson) and  generated spin-offs (e.g. Intogral). It received funding from industry, RCUK, and others (e.g. IOC). Its main research areas included image processing, data science, natural language processing, adaptive technologies, human-centred computing, health informatics, software engineering, software design, and high-performance and scientific computing.

I was the Head of the ICG leading its successful submission to the UK REF2014.