Research Overview

My work is underpinned by interests and contributions in: Modelling and Distributed Simulation; Complexity and Multi-agent systems; Data intensive computing; Info-Symbiotic Systems and DDDAS; High Performance, Parallel and Distributed Computing; workload optimised systems; and computational infrastructures for data driven, prescriptive, System-of-Systems analytics.  

I am an apostle of interdisciplinary research and over the years I have spearheaded  interdisciplinary initiatives and projects to bring together advances in Computer Science and digital technologies with other disciplines around major global societal problems such as: smart cities, deliberative democracy, global governance, epidemics, national security, urban planning, housing markets, risk management and emergency response, climate change, smart agriculture and environmental sustainability.  I have also been  actively involved in the UK's e-Science,  e-Social Science and Digital Humanities Programmes.