What's in a name

Georgios is the transliteration of  the ancient Greek name Γεώργιος. The form  Γιώργος (Giorgos) is used in more informal settings. Information about the name is provided here and here.

Theodoropoulos is the transliteration of the Greek surname Θεοδωρόπουλος.   This is derived from the elements Θεο and  δωρo.  But for two letters, the name would have an even more glorious acclaim to fame: Theotokopoulos was the name of the famous Renaissance painter El Greco!

Military "career"

 My past life includes two years serving the Hellenic Air Force as a Sergeant (OR-6). I split my time between managing new recruits at  the 124 Basic Training Wing and managing computer systems at the Computer Centre of the Hellenic Air Force General Staff.


I  enjoy sailing, I received my RYA Skipper Certification at Marina at Keppel Bay, Singapore.