SAMIPS: A Synthesised Asynchronous MIPS Processor

SAMIPS is a Synthesisable asynchronous implementation of the MIPS R3000 processor core, supporting precise exceptions.  SAMIPS was designed,  modelled and automatically synthesised within the Balsa system. The development of SAMIPS took place at the University of Birmingham and was led by Professor Georgios Theodoropoulos as part of a collaborative research project with Professor Stephen Furber's APT Group   in Manchester.

Amongst its several novelties, SAMIPS incorporates:  

  • A novel Asynchronous Forwarding Mechanism to deal with Data Hazards (the Data Hazard Detection Table, DHDT) 
  • A novel distributed colouring algorithm for control hazards in asynchronous pipelines. The algorithm is cited by ARM for their approach to support different security modes in ARM processors (US Patent 7305712).


  • The Balsa source model of SAMIPS is here.


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