The Midlands e-Science Centre (MeSC) was one of the seven Centres of Excellence funded by the UK e-Science Core Programme.  Since 2006 MeSC has been  integrated into University of Birmingham central Information Services.  It was based in Birmingham but involved all major Universities in the West Midlands region, to which it made made a number of strategic contributions:

  • It establish the University of Birmingham as a core node of the UK national Grid infrastructure and made it part of the global e-Science effort, linking it with e-Science activities and projects at the national  and the international scene.

  • It  was instrumental in pooling together a critical mass of researchers across the Universities with wide-ranging expertise and needs in data and CPU intensive techniques for computational modelling, fostering multi-disciplinary collaboration on a large scale and leading to a growth in inter-disciplinary computing work.

  • It initiated and supported several prestigious projects and opened new opportunities for further research and funding benefiting the region's scientific community.

  • In addition to providing expertise and support for the utilization of high performance computing and Grid technologies by researchers across multiple disciplines, MeSC set up and provided the first high performance research computing facility (a compute “e-Science cluster” and the first Access Grid Node in the campus) which was very heavily used by a growing and wide user base across the University of Birmingham.

  • MeSC has been a catalyst for strategic developments in the University of Birmingham in the areas of high performance computing and infrastructures.  The e-Science Cluster acted as a pilot platform to analyse supercomputing requirements for the University research community. This analysis ultimately led to the establishment of the Birmingham Environment for Academic Research.

  • MeSC constituted the premise for two subsequent strategic developments in the University of Birmingham: the Informatics CRN and the Science City IT Infrastructure initiative.

MeSC used to have its own www site at: It has since been removed. It is archived here for historical purposes (some of the links may not work).