Project Ben-ware and Insider Threats

Identifying anomalous human behaviour in heterogeneous systems using beneficial intelligent software


The insider threat problem is a significant and ever present issue faced by any organisation. While security mechanisms can be put in place to reduce the chances of external agents gaining access to a system, either to steal assets or alter records, the issue is more complex in tackling insider threat. If an employee already has legitimate access rights to a system, it is much more difficult to prevent them from carrying out inappropriate acts, as it is hard to determine whether the acts are part of their official work or indeed malicious. This project has developed the concept of “Ben-ware”: a beneficial software system that uses low-level data collection from employees’ computers, along with Artificial Intelligence, to identify anomalous behaviour of insiders.

The Ben-Ware project was funded by the Centre for Defence Enterprise, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory , UK Ministry of Defence (Project: CDE34938). The project was led by iARC with   Insighlytics LTD and University of Newcastle as collaborators.


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